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A MUD, or Multi User Dungeon, is a text-based adventure game played over the Internet against other players who are online at the same time. In the last quarter of a century thousands of MUD games have sprung up hosted mainly by enthusiasts, not for commercial gain. Hence MUD games are primarily free to play, twenty-four hours a day, and new players are always welcomed.
      You connect to a MUD using a telnet client - a small and generally freely available piece of software which allows a textual connection to a remote machine. Into the telnet client you enter the address of the MUD you want to play and a connection is established. Then after logging on you can use simple typed commands to interact with the environment you find.
      Every MUD has it's own commands, it's own environment and it's own atmosphere. It is an addicting and intensely enjoyable way to spend time online and it is the most social form of computer gaming - allowing you to meet, talk to and brutally murder fun-seeking people from round the world.

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