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The 'Connecting to SN' page explains how to connect to Sleepless Nights and offers suggestions on how to take your first faltering steps into our strange world. When you enter the game you have a choice of starting positions, the safest of which is the Seadog Inn. This is one of the few safe areas of the game where you cannot be killed and where fighting and spell-casting is prohibited. Relax - you're not in any danger. It is also a common meeting place so you can expect to meet other players here. Feel free to talk to any other players you meet here - most of them don't bite. You'll soon learn who to trust and who to disregard. It's worth finding out who the regular players are on our who's who page.
      As well as having a good read of this web page you can gain help whilst you play using the ingame help system. To call up the help menu type 'info'. If you type 'info hints' you will be given directions to the Ice Palace from where you can earn your first thousand points and gain a valuable level in the game. It is recommended that new players visit the ice palace as one of their first tasks.

This web site contains a simple map containing some of the more obvious features of the games landscape, but new players often like to draw themselves a map whilst they are finding their feet. It is a large world and it is easy to become lost. With time you will get a feel for the important areas of the game. You'll learn your way around and will not need to refer to a map, but when you're starting out it can prove invaluable.

Weapons and Armour
In Sleepless Nights, as in real life, you can be killed. We just happen to have quite a few club-wielding trolls and blood-thirsty assassins here, so it's worth being ready for them. Don't forget that you are always safe in the Seadog Inn, but when you decide to leave this cocoon you should find yourself a weapon pretty quickly.
       If you are attacked you will stand a greater chance of survival if you have something with which to fight back. Weapons and armour are scattered throughout the game. Once you find a weapon of some form you should wield it in preparation for attack. If you have picked up a sword, for example, you should type 'wield sword'. Similarly, armour needs to be worn to be of any use.

You should keep an eye on your health at all times. If you are involved in a fight your health will go down until eventually you die. Eating food will replenish your health so as well as hoarding weapons and armour you should make sure you have some food tucked away if you need it.

The ultimate goal of Sleepless Nights is to become an immortal. In order to do this you need to gain 290,000 points and solve all of the games quests. There are many ways to gain points. A number of temples are spread throughout the game into which treasures can be sacrificed to the gods. The gods will reward you with points for doing this. Points are often awarded for solving puzzles, and the nine quests that the game contains. Fighting can also bring points. Killing some of the monsters that inhabit the world of Sleepless Nights will increase your score, or even murdering fellow adventurers.

There are eight main quests in Sleepless Nights, along with one secret quest. All of them must be completed along your journey to immortality. As you explore the game and talk to it's players you will learn more of the quests and how to solve them. The quests are listed on the quests page.

The game contains seven guilds. As a player you can join one of these guilds - but only one. You must choose which guild you enter carefully and then find out the secret ritual which must be performed in order to gain entry. Each guild has it's own advantages and disadvantages - some endow you with magical powers, others with great strength but there is always a tradeoff. The guilds are listed on the guilds page.

As you get more points your level will advance. There are fifteen levels in Sleepless Nights. Players of a higher level are stronger and healthier than players of a lower level. When you first start playing you are a level one character which is the weakest of the weak. You must work hard to build up your character before taking too many risks. It is worth bearing this in mind when you consider picking a fight . . .

You should think carefully before you start attacking things. Where players are concerned you should be careful to avoid trying to kill every player in sight - often it is better to team up with your fellow adventurers to defeat a common enemy. Some of the monsters in the game are stronger than others so it's worth learning about your enemy. Some are even immortal.

Unlike many other MUDs, killing and stealing are allowed on Sleepless Nights. Because of this death is fairly common visitor and you should watch your back at all times. When you first start out you can expect to die quite often, but don't let this discourage you - it's all part of the fun. You can often learn a lot from the experience. As you learn more and become more experienced you will become more skilled and knowledgeable in the ancient art of staying alive.

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