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Work was undertaken some time ago to provide sound support for Sleepless Nighs. This is accomplished through the use of triggers which are designed to play .wav files after the occurrence of certain events. Unfortunately, you will only be able to take advantage of this sound support if you have a PC and a soundcard, and are using Zmud.

Since the sound is provided through the use of triggers, it is necessary to use a MUD client that supports these triggers. Due to the amount of work involved in programming the sound files to work with the game, only Zmud is supported. Zmud is available from Zugg Software.

Sound Pack
A Demo sound pack (Version 1d.) is available, and contains everything you need to get up and running (excluding Zmud):

  1. Snights.mud file for Zmud
  2. ..\sounds\ .wav sound files
  3. Wplny .wav player
Download Sound Pack Version 1d. (610Kb)

Once you have downloaded Zmud and the Sound Pack, unzip into the Zmud directory. This will create a sub-directory called 'Sounds' containing .wav audio files. It will also unzip a file called snights.mud into your Zmud directory. You should also find an audio player called You will need to unzip this file and follow the instructions found in the accompanying readme files. All you have to do is associate .wav files with this audio player. Once you have unzipped, and have associated .wav files with the wplany.exe audio program you are ready to start Zmud. When connecting to 'Sleepless Nights' using the Zmud client, choose snights.mud as your 'Primary Settings' on the 'Settings' tab when in the 'Character Database' dialog box. Keep 'Inherited Settings' blank.

Known Bugs
The sound pack will only work with Zmud versions 3.3 and 3.5(and above) as all intermediate versions (3.32, 3.41 etc..) contained bugs which disabled the sound triggers. Zmud version 3.3 also exhibited a large number of general protection faults, so we recommend you download the latest version. The Sound Pack has been tested on the latest freeware version of Zmud (Version 3.62a).

Future Releases
The sound pack contains a number of sound effects, however it is not comprehensive. Additional sound and updated snights.mud files will be available for download to upgrade your original sound pack. These upgrades will become available as and when we manage to find suitable sound files which are appropriate for events in the game. With this in mind, if you have any sound files which you think could be included in the game, or have any comments or queries, then please feel free to mail us at:
Notification of new sound upgrades and packs will be made on this web page and the 'Sleepless Nights Mailing List'.

Sound trigger programming and sampling by Shaka.

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