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There are very few rules in Sleepless Nights - most of what can be done is allowed. However a few rules exist in order to keep things fair and to stop some players taking advantage of certain aspects of the game. Therefore all players are expected to take note of, and abide by, the following basic rules.

Rules for Mortals

1) Anyone found to be acting in any way that is judged to be against the spirit of the game will be dealt with accordingly.
2) Don't get personal with other players. If you feel the need to screw up somebody else's day, log off! The game is intended to be FUN.
3) Although SN is a player-killing MUD, killing newcomers (newbies) is strictly against the spirit of the game. Offenders will be severely dealt with.
4) Players are not allowed to use 'bots' or other automated aides such as speed-walking tools, macros and text-triggers.
5) 'Spamming' - filling other players screens with repetitive rubbish is not allowed.
6) Although players are welcome to have more than one character, they may not log more than one character into the game per reset, unless they have obtained the permission of a wizard beforehand.
7) Use of ANSI control codes is forbidden. The game will log any usage of such codes and players found using them will be flogged til they're blue.
8) No swearing or abusive/offensive language on any public channels (shout/gossip) or in public rooms. In private conversations use whatever language you like, subject to approval by all parties.

Rules for Immortals
Immortals too are subject to some simple rules. This is because they hold positions of greater power and responsibility. They have access to information and powerful commands not available to mortals.

1) Immortals will not release information about players - such as email addresses, IP addresses or their game characters.
2) Immortals are required to be careful with the 'zap' command which causes a massive lightning bolt to blast players into the ground - it's not something to be used lightly. Any wizard zapping a player will have to justify this action to the rest of the administration team.
3) Immortals should not give out free objects, points or other items to players unless they are strongly deserved.

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