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The realm of Sleepless Nights is large and mysterious. Here follows a rough guide to some of the main areas of the game. Familiarize yourself with them. It pays to know the world around you.

The Village
The village, which lies on the eastern coast of the land lost much of it's economic importance many years ago. Previously the centre of a booming fishing industry it lost a great deal of power due to the economic strength of the once mighty Garnock. However, there are still a few people who find the village an important base for their operations, and it is still the place most adventurers call home. It's main focal point is the Seadog Inn, famous for being one of the friendliest hostelries in the land and owned by a quiet spoken immortal innkeeper, whose name is unknown.

The economic decline of Tranoch was less marked than that of the village. It is again beginning to prosper due to the demise of Garnock. Although Tranoch is a relatively friendly town the area around the Hatchet Inn is very seedy and run down and probably best avoided.

Garnock used to be the economic superpower of the region, largely due to it's size. Much of the regions wealth was moved to Garnock after the lands were ravaged by invading barbarians as it remained relatively unharmed. It was a major supplier of food to the land thanks to the once fertile farmland which surrounded the town and it's significant fishing industry. However Garnock recently felt the wrath of the gods and was burnt to the ground by mighty thunderbolts which left craters the size of houses. This destruction has unearthed some strange secrets hidden below the surface of the town.

The Castle
The castle sits atop the cliff overlooking the town of Tranoch. The castle was ineffective in preventing the invading barbarian's advance on the town and fell into disrepair. A lot of interesting rumours surround the castle and the areas around it but very little is actually known about it. Rumours abound of recent activity.

The Viking Area
Although most of the Viking barbarians were eventually defeated a number revolted and eventually helped to defeat their brothers. They succeeded in capturing the mystical Barbarian Runesword. Despite this they were not fully accepted by much of the populace and they have built their own small village where they now reside.

The Dwarven Mines
The dwarves are very strange and secretive creatures. They seem to be an advanced civilisation, building as they tunnel though the mountains to open up the lands to the north where Garnock was eventually built. However little is known about these strange little creatures.

The Island
Much of the island is forest. Despite this, however, there seems to have been much activity on it at one point. Most of this is thought to be down to Birfle, a strange, almost reclusive man. Rumour has it however that he was very wealthy although much of this treasure has never been found. If, indeed, it ever existed.

The Avanc Lodge
A great deal of mystery and folklore surrounds the mystical creature known as the Avanc. He is said to reside in an underground lodge - a labyrinth of underground caves, although this has never been found. He is also said to guard the naval of the goddess, the Lia Fail, an incredibly powerful and valuable stone the likes of which have not been seen in the overworld. His fierce temper and territorial nature are legendary.

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