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There are fourteen quests in Sleepless Nights which must be completed before you can accomplish the ultimate goal of becoming immortal:

Find a Pearl
Cross the Bog
Roll your first Cigarette
Retrieve the Staff of Law
Take a Star from the Heavens
Kill the Slug without a fight
Kill the Ice-Lord, and destroy his domain
Recover the Holy Silver Cross
Return the Bible
Find the Sewers
Retrieve the Shell Necklace
Recite the Necronomicon
Steal the Pirate Treasure
Sneak into the Elven Kingdom
Deliver the merchant's parcel (newbie quest)
Steal the troll treasure
Heal the farmer's wife
Rejuvinate the kings sword

There is also one final, Ultimate Quest. This can only be completed by very experienced players and is extremely difficult. The details of this quest are a closely guarded secret.
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