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Sleepless Nights is constantly evolving and being improved by the wizards who administrate it. Here are some of the works in progress that you should watch out for:
The Castle, Lost City, Lodge Of The Deep
This is to rebuild and extend the Castle area of the game, introducing several new puzzles, items and a new quest. A lost city will be created under the foundations of the castle and a lodge of the deep hidden away still deeper beyond some underwater caves. It's a very big undertaking and is still some time off, but we hope the wait will be worth it.

Futuristic/Present Time Highlander
New additions to Highlander bringing 'present day' and 'futuristic' scenarios. Another large undertaking.

The College Of Wizardry
A new area of the game which houses a major training facility for wizards but has been flooded with uncontrolled magic and is laying bare a barren wasteland all around it. Enter at your own risk. Can you save the college?

New Guild
A new Vampire Guild is in development with distinctive guild traits which clearly differentiate the guilds from those currently in existence.

The Website
Not a great deal has been happening on website development lately, but we're hoping to re-introduce the tome search engine, web mud-mailing, and the web bulletin board soon.

The wizards administrate the game in their spare time. Many are in education or full-time employment. Therefore these projects do not have set completion dates and we would consider it unfair to ask for one. However, they will be completed.

Note though that the game is in continual development with a series of smaller projects being dveloped more rapidly and launched on a regular basis while the larger ones are in progress.

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