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Sleepless Nights is an AberMUD based MUD game which runs on the AberMUD 5 source code originally written by Alan Cox (Anarchy).

It started life way back in 1989 as a spare time project on a Dec 3100.  At this point is was running on the AberMUD 4 source complete with an all-star cast of bugs and glitches.  Because Paul Dewick (Marvin) had spent many long hours playing the MUDs running at Essex university (MUD, MUD2 and MIST) and had enjoyed them so much, he thought he would try his hand at creating his own. He heard about the new code being developed by Alan and attempted to get hold of a copy that he could import his rather full AberMUD 4 universe to. He failed. Dave (McGhee (Boogie) joined the project in 1992 and added even more rooms.
      When Neil Styles (Silkcut) joined and added his own domain, it became apparent that now was the time to seriously recode the place. Neil managed to get Alan to agree to allow him to use the new AberMUD 5 code for a new experimental MUD and the long process of recoding began.
      The game has had many homes and has moved from UNIX system to UNIX system - from a Dev Ultrix to HPux to a SunOS machine. It has moved from Brookes university where it resided for some time to a happy home at - a system administrated by Neil Styles.

Many of the people who have coded in rooms and monsters have left the netspace but they are immortalised in the annals of Sleepless Nights.

For a long time the game was administrated by Malcy MacNaughton (Lager) but due to a long-spell off the grid Scott McMillan (Wintermute) is running the place and an expanded team of talented wizards is making alterations to the games code and trying to take it into the future. Watch this space...

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