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The Highlander area on Sleepless Nights provides a random killing ground where there can be only one!

The Highlander is a game within Sleepless Nights which Immortals will occasionally run in order to test the abilities of the players. When you choose to participate in an Highlander your characters details are saved and all characters are restored after the game. When you fight in a highlander you place your real character in no danger - it is completely safe.

All participating characters are transported into a special highlander zone - an area of the game reserved for such games. The one rule of the Highlander is that there are no rules - and the last one alive wins.

The strategy is simple - race around the Highlander zone collecting food, armour and weapons and fighting with your fellow players. The last one standing wins a prize which usually takes the form of several thousand points.
     A Highlander is a great way to earn quick points - if you're good enough.


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