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There are 7 guilds in Sleepless Nights. Each guild has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some guilds rely on magic, some on strength and some on a combination of the two. Many of the guilds can use specific items to enhance their abilities. In order to join a guild, you must perform a specific task. After you become a member of a guild, you cannot change guilds. Choose wisely!

Adventurers :-
When you first enter the game you will be classed as a member of the Adventurers guild. This guild is the only one you can leave by joining another. As an Adventurer you will have a few magical abilities and a respectable level of strength. You will be free from the restrictions imposed by most of the other guilds but you will not have their advantages either. You will also have access to the Adventurers guild house which is located in the ruins of Garnock. Here you can find out more about the guild and it's members.

Warriors :-
The Warriors guild contains the strongest players in the game. Warriors achieve through brute force what members of other guilds would achieve through cunning or intellect. Members of this guild have no spell casting ability. The code of honour amongst Warriors insists that they never flee from a battle. The Warriors guild house can be found in the town of Tranoch.

Magi :-
The Magi are the spell casters of the realm. What they lack in strength and agility they more than make up for with their combination of offensive and defensive spells. This guild does not allow it's members to wear armour or wield heavy weapons as they restrict the casting of spells. Members tend to be physically weaker than those in other guilds. The Magi have a guild house in the town of Tranoch where new members can learn more about their powers.

Dark Priests :-
The guild of the Dark Priests attracts only the most evil and twisted players. Dark Priests worship the blood god Molech and work their dark magic with the souls of the recently dead. The guild holds no restrictions regarding weapons or armour but it's members must kill continuously to call upon the power of their blood god.

Nature Priests :-
The powers of nature itself can be harnessed by Nature Priests. The elements also provide some protection against being magically attacked. The combination of elemental power and steel makes this guild one of the most powerful in the realm and their guild house can be found somewhere near the Seadog Inn.

Assassins :-
This is a guild of cold-blooded killers - stealthy, fearless and totally dedicated to murder. Assassins kill both for points and for pleasure and the thrill of the kill is everything. Although lacking in magical prowess they excel in combat. The guild frowns upon the use of heavy weapons and armour as they slow down members during the hunt. Assassins can wield two weapons which helps them greatly during fights. Assassins must regularly prove their worth and to advance a level in the game they must assassinate a stronger player. It is rumoured that the Assassins guild house is hidden somewhere in the wreckage of Garnock.

Thieves :-
The Thieves guild combines the stealth of the Assassins and the strength of the Warriors. No possession is safe from these cunning criminals. Thieves have very little magic but their agility and speed allow them to steal valuables with a great degree of success. Many of their victims are not even aware of their loss. This guild allows it's members to wear light armour, realising that victims often retaliate. The Thieves guild house, hidden deep within the city of Garnock, is rumoured to be filled with treasure, stolen over many years.

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