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: How do I move around the game?
: Navigation is quite simple. Type 'north', 'south', 'east', west' to move in compass-point directions. Also, directions such as 'northeast' and southwest' are allowed. These can be abbreviated to N,S,E,W,NE,SW etcetera. As well as compass point directions you can go 'up' or 'down', 'in' or 'out'.
: How do I talk to other players?
: There are four main ways to talk to other people. 'gossip <message>' sends your message to everybody else who is logged on. 'shout <message>' is a more forceful version of gossip. 'say <message>' is the most commonly used method of communication and displays your message to anyone in the same room as you. Finally 'tell <name> <message>' will send your message to only the player you specify.
: Is there a better way to logon than using standard telnet?
: Yes, for Windows users we recommend using a program called zMUD.
: The game mentioned something about a reset than logged me off - what's all that about?
: Every two hours or so the MUD resets itself. All puzzles, objects and monsters are returned to their normal positions and all players must log back in. You will lose anything you were carrying when a reset occurs but you will retain your gold, your health, your points, and your level. The game will warn you well before a reset occurs and at any time you can type 'reset' to find out how much time is left.
: How will I know when my health is low?
: You'll die :-) Seriously though, during a fight you will be updated on your health level. During normal gameplay type 'score' to find our how you're doing.
: When will I reach the next level?
: Typing 'level' will give you a list of the levels and how many points you will need in order to attain them.
: How will I know if other players are logged on as well?
: Type 'who' for a list of all other players, along with their levels.
: I can't get out of the Seadog Inn, why not?
: Make sure the door is open :-)
: How can I get points?
: See our guide to starting out.
: I don't know what to do next, what should I be doing?
: Explore the game, learn about the realm of Sleepless Nights and you'll work out what you should be doing.
: How do I kill things?
: Type 'kill <thing>' to initiate an attack. But do make sure you're well armed first :-)
: I typed flee but nothing happened, what did I do wrong?
: On Sleepless Nights you need to flee in a particular direction. 'flee west' for example.You will lose health by fleeing.
: How do I join a guild?
: The initiation rituals are secret. But there are clues. Each guild has it's own guild house. If you find the house of a particular guild a notice outside should give some suggestion on how to join. But choose your guild carefully.
: How do I get gold?
: Gold pieces can be obtained in two ways. Firstly you can take it from the bodies of the dead. After killing someone type 'ex corpse' which will reveal any money they were carrying. You can also sell some items that you find to traders within the game.
: I have no money to buy food, and my health is low. What can I do?
: Sit tight - health replenishes slowly through time, so take a seat.
: Is player killing allowed?
: Yes! Sleepless Nights allows player killing, although there are plenty of other things to kill too. Bear in mind that you can lose friends by killing them. And in a dangerous world like this, you're going to need all the friends you can find.
: I really don't seem to be getting anywhere, what can I do?
: Ask one of the players, or a wizard, if they can help you or point you in the right direction. Most people will be glad to offer some assistance.
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask someone on the game. Wizards especially will be open to your enquiries.
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