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The first thing you need to play Sleepless Nights is a telnet client, that or you can use our Web Interface. You may already have one installed, if not they are easily and freely available from bulletin boards, public software archives, shareware vendors and over the Internet. For Windows users we recommend a telnet client written specifically for playing MUD games - zMUD. Once you have obtained and installed a telnet client you need to enter the address of the MUD you want to play. The address of Sleepless Nights is shown below.

Telnet: Port: 6789

If you enter these details into your telnet client it should connect you to the game where you will be prompted to enter a name for your character. If the name you choose has not already been registered you will be asked for your gender (male or female), your email address and a password for the character. Following a couple of screens of information about the game you will be plunged into the magical world of Sleepless Nights.If you find yourself unable to connect to the game then feel free to contact the MUDs administrators who will attempt to help you.

Starting is the hardest part of MUDing. You will need to learn the basic commands in order to move around. You should start by reading the 'Beginners' and 'Traveller's Guide' sections of this web site to learn more about the game and how to play it. Then you should explore the game environment - find food, weapons, armour and the like, learn your way around. Talking to other players who are logged on is a great source of information and if any of the administrators are around they will gladly give you assistance. It can be quite bewildering at first but it is well worth sticking around to learn the ropes as any veteran MUDer will tell you.

Finally, good luck, happy mudding and, most of all, have fun.
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