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Sleepless Nights is a MUD based on a medieval theme. Running from a fast server in London it is a long standing game (it's been going for ten years - based on the AberMud5 engine). Sleepless runs twenty-four hours a day for three hundred and sixty five days a year and actively encourages new players to log on and find out about the wonderful world of the multi user dungeon.
      Full of mystical dragons, knights, wizards, hidden treasures, secret guilds, quests and a strange and omnipotent group of gods. It is run by a diverse band of administrators most of whom are students or workers in the computing industry. These administrators are constantly looking for ways to improve the game and make it better for the players. Like most MUD games it is a constantly evolving experience and one which you are more than welcome to share with us. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

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